Rainbow Rockers Curling League

Ottawa's Gay and Lesbian Friendly Curling League


Hello Rainbow Rockers,

The moment we have been waiting for is here ! Monday was the OCC opening night and the Rainbow Rockers will begin curling on Sunday the 15th. Please read this entire email as it outlines important details regarding curling draw times/days (changed from our initial communique), Saturday dates (4 of them) and covid requirements (club entry, on-ice protocols, etc.), and MORE….

Entry to the OCC:
You will be receiving an email this week from the Ottawa Curling Club with your personal QR Code for entry into the OCC. You can print a copy of the QR code email and scan it upon entry or use the image on your phone. I suggest you print a copy to keep in your curling bag. If you do not receive the email later this week with your QR code, check your spam folder or email [email protected] to resolve. Without scanning your QR code you cannot enter the curling club. You should arrive 15 minutes prior to your game with your curling attire on (only needing to change into your curling shoes).

Again, it must be repeated, you will be asked all the covid questions upon entry (symptoms, out of country within 14 days,etc). PLEASE DO NOT CURL IF YOU HAVE ANY OF THE MANY COVID SYMPTOMS)

Due to the revised restrictions this past week for group gatherings, only 50 people are allowed to be in the club at any given time. The OCC has decided to keep the bar closed for the first 2 weeks, so there will be no lounge time after games until the bar/lounge re-opens.

Draw Times (Subject to change!):
Sunday Draw times are 1:30pm & 4pm
Saturday Draw times are NOON & 3:30pm

Schedule (your first 3 games):
Due to the delayed start to the season, we have to incorporate some Saturday’s into the schedule.
Here is a summary of the first few weeks:

SUNDAY Nov 15th:
1:30 draw – A Division Teams
4pm draw – B Division Teams

SATURDAY Nov 21st:
noon draw – C Division teams
3:30pm draw – A Division teams

SUNDAY Nov 22nd:
1:30 draw – B Division Teams
4pm draw – C Division Teams

SATURDAY Nov 28th:
noon draw – A Division teams
3:30pm draw – B Division teams

SUNDAY Nov 29th:
1:30 draw – C Division Teams
2nd draw – A Division Teams (time TBD)

The complete Round 1 schedule and full season dates will be posted on the rainbow rockers website soon.
NOTE: Of course the schedule may change based on COVID and/or the SURVEY results (see survey below)

There will be 3 divisions this season, “A” “B” and “C”, with 9,10,9 teams respectively, 28 teams total.
The draw schedule will be posted on the website soon.

2 hour games or 1.5 hour games – SURVEY COMING SOON
Initially games will be maximum 2 hours, with the regular Sunday rules – 30 minutes before end-time, you are to finish the end you are playing and play one more end. However, be aware, there can be NO exceptions to the 2 hour time-limit.
Other OCC leagues have implemented 1.5 hour games, which means a maximum of 6 ends per games, and most likely in reality, result in 5 ends per game. This decision was partially to accommodate teams spending time socializing in the lounge/bar.

For the Rainbow Rockers, we have flexibility to adjust our Sunday draw times, once the lounge/bar opens. NOTE. All Saturday draw times are 2 hour games and include 1 hour post-game lounge/bar time once it opens.

Option A: (1.5 hour Sunday games)
Sunday draw #1 – 1:30-3pm, and teams depart the OCC after their game
Sunday draw #2 – 3:30-5pm, and teams have 1 hour in the lounge/bar for socializing

Option B: (2 hour Sunday games)
Sunday draw #1 – 1:30-3:30pm, and teams depart the OCC after their game
Sunday draw #2 – 4pm-6pm, and teams depart the OCC after their game

We will be polling members for their input in the next few weeks regarding the desired game format after the lounge/bar is open.

Masks/Social Distancing (IMPORTANT – please watch the video):
Our mask policy has not changed. We strongly recommend that all Rainbow Rockers wear a mask during curling play. Should a member desire to remove their mask for sweeping or throwing, that is acceptable based on advice from authorities.
You MUST watch this video prior to curling so that everyone is aware and conforms to the covid on-ice-play guidelines.

ONE person (typically the 3rd) will be responsible for posting scores for BOTH teams on the scoreboard, and also for sanitizing the numbers at the end of the game. The opposing team representative (typically the 3rd) will record the score by entering it on a Score Sheet form on the Rainbow Rockers website.

Spares will be assigned to each division, as people playing in each division cannot co-mingle/spare with other divisions (50 person rule). This will be outlined soon on the website in the “Spares” tab.

Deposit Refunds:
Some people have decided to not curl this season. Anyone who has prize money from last year (their deposit) can use it to guarantee themselves a spot in the 2021-2022 season. We will simply carry it forward to next year. If you would prefer a payout of your deposit for this year, please let the treasurer know at [email protected]

Last Rock:
Please use a phone app or rock/paper/scissors BEFORE going onto the ice to determine last rock. You should start curling ASAP once you enter the ice shed. Do I need to promote “Fast Play” tips again ?? lol

Good Curling Everyone!

Your Rainbow Executive, Steve/Patrick/Brian/Chad/Kevin/Jeremy/Geoff


While we wait for the season to start this year, there are some of you that have decided to take a pause for the 2020-2021 season.  Anyone who has prize money from last year can use it to guarantee themselves a spot in the 2021-2022 season.  We will simply carry it forward to next year.  If you would prefer a payout of your deposit for this year, please let the treasurer know at [email protected]  It may take us a while to process refunds, we appreciate your understanding and patience.


Rainbow season – temporarily suspended

Hello Rainbow Rockers,

We were so close !
The province of Ontario has enacted additional temporary measures, effective today, to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in Ottawa, so the Ottawa Curling Club is closing for at least 28 days.

We hope to have some good news in early November, and are optimistic we will begin curling at some point, so please stay tuned to the Rainbow Rockers website.

Enjoy the long weekend !

Hello Curlers !

Our Rainbow Rockers curling season is currently scheduled to begin on October 18th, so we wanted to provide an update to the season.

    Outstanding Payments:

Payments by mail/e-transfer/in-person are due by this Thursday October 1st. The annual Meet and Greet will take place at T’s Pub on Somerset Street this Thursday evening, from 5pm-8pm.

Please refer to the payment and Meet and Greet details on the Rainbow Rockers website:

Registration fees for new and returning players


After October 1st, we will solidify how many teams we have for the 2020-2021 season. If you have not paid your balance owing by October 1st, it will be assumed that you do not intend to curl (deposits will be refunded upon request).
In the event that the OCC is unable to proceed with the entire curling season (before October 18th), we will provide a full refund to all members.
Should the season be delayed beyond October 18th, the Rainbow Rockers Executive will assess the changes and determine the appropriate action/fee structure/potential refunds.
If curling is interrupted mid-season due to Covid-19, we anticipate being able to provide partial pro-rated refunds, depending on how many games have been played.
Once you have paid, and should you decide you no longer wish to curl, we ask that you inform your skip and work together to find a replacement curler. There will be a spares list.

    Mask Guidelines:

As you know, the OCC is not making masks mandatory on the ice (only in the common areas and entry/exit), however, we strongly recommend that all Rainbow Rockers wear a mask during curling play. Should a member desire to remove their mask for sweeping or throwing, that is acceptable based on advice from authorities.

In line with the Temporary Mandatory Face Mask Ottawa bylaw, as well as recommendations made by the World Health Organization, masks are not recommended when exercising, as masks may reduce the ability to breathe comfortably. Further, sweat can make the mask become wet more quickly which makes it difficult to breathe and promotes the growth of microorganisms. The important preventative measure during exercise is to maintain physical distance of at least two meters from others.
We recognize that not all members will be comfortable with the mask policy, and you may think that distancing is not possible on the curling ice. Attached here is an on-ice video showing curlers playing a real game, which outlines how curlers are to maintain social distancing, called “Keep Calm and Curl On Through Covid”:

    Draw Times:

We will be curling mostly on Sundays @ 1:30pm and 4pm (potentially a few 11am draws), and some Saturdays @2pm and 4:30pm. We will do our best to limit the number of Saturday games.

    2021-2022 Season:

Hard to believe we are considering the 2021-2022 season …. the OCC has made a policy to not penalize a team that drops out this year. We will follow their policy and we intend to provide priority access in 2021-2022 to teams who decide to skip this season.


Of course there are many unknowns and things can change quickly. We will adapt to any new developments, depending on the circumstances.

We remain optimistic that we will have a successful, albeit unique, season ahead.
We look forward to seeing many of you at the Meet and Greet on Thursday, and on the ice, starting Sunday October 18th !

Your Rainbow Rockers Executive Team.

Registration fees for new and returning players

Season fees for the 2020-2021 Rainbow Rockers Curling League will be the same as last year, $210.00.  Fees are due by October 1st. Payments can be e-transfered to [email protected], cheques can be mailed to my attention at 226 Sherwood Drive, Ottawa, ON, K1Y 3V8 or you can pay by cheque or cash at the Meet & Greet on October 1st at T’s on Somerset Street.

For returning players the Board decided on the following prize payouts for the end of the shortened 2019-2020 season.  There are no rankings in each division, each team was treated equally in each division.  For those members who are returning for the 2020-2021 season we will credit your membership fee ($210) by the amount of your payout from last season.
2019-20 Prizes are as follows:

Division A – $60
Division B – $59
Division C – $58
Division D – $57

Division E – $56

Therefore, returning players from each division will only have to pay:

Division A – $150
Division B – $151
Division C – $152
Division D – $153

Division E – $154
You can check which division you were in by looking at the Round 3 Schedule or roster.

Rainbow Rockers – season details

Hello Curlers !

I am excited to provide some more details for the upcoming Rainbow Rockers curling season. PLEASE read all of this, as there are some very important details contained herein.
Curling will not be “normal” this year, but I can assure you that we will all make it fun !

We are expecting to have 35 teams this season, BUT there may be some who decide to not curl based on the covid risks. This potential last minute fluctuation in teams is understandably problematic for us to determine divisions and the curling schedule …. we need to have a good idea of the exact number of teams in the next week.


    if you have decided to not curl this season, please let us know ASAP

, by sending an email/text to Kevin ([email protected]).
Deposits will be refunded for those who choose not to curl.

The Ottawa Curling Club has the complete “Return to Curl Guidelines” on their website:

Some highlights from the Return to Curl Guidelines document:

Bar – YES the bar will be open. Table service will be provided by servers. Each team will sit at their own table, at least 2m from any other team table. Kitchen will not be open, but they are looking at providing snacks for purchase. Pizza is close by though !
Masks – Masks are mandatory when entering and leaving the club, but optional while curling, and not required when you are seated at your lounge table.
Sweeping – One sweeper only per rock will be allowed. Skips cannot sweep any rock.
Arrival – Curlers are to arrive within 20 minutes of their game, dressed and ready to curl, except for curling shoes. You will go to the upstairs lounge to hang your jacket and switch into your curling shoes. Lockers will not be available. Anyone who has items in a locker MUST go to the curling club asap to collect belongings. Dalal is there weekdays from 9:30 – 2:30. If you cannot make it during that time, call Dalal to make an alternative arrangement.
Schedule – due to the 30 minutes (cleaning) required between all games, we cannot fit 3 draws into our regular Sunday timeslot of 1pm-7pm. We will have 2 draws on Sunday and several Saturdays. This means that (up to) 1/3 of your games will be on Saturdays. It may also be possible that we can take an occasional earlier (11am) draw on Sunday from another league, which would cut down on Saturday games. We will not know the exact schedule until we determine the total # teams.

Meet and Greet

    – We will be hosting the annual Meet and Greet for your final dues payment at T’s pub, on Thursday October 1st, 5pm-8-pm. Of course it will be a socially distanced event where you will pay your outstanding balance at the registration table and then socialize with your party at a table. If you choose not to attend the Meet and Greet, please e-transfer your outstanding balance to [email protected] BEFORE October 1st. On October 1st, we will make a determination on the team makeup and proceed to create the play schedule. No payments will be accepted after October 1st. Our treasurer, Chad, will provide more details of payments on the RRCL website soon.

    Again ….

      if you have decided to not curl this season, please let us know ASAP

    , by sending an email/text to Kevin ([email protected]). Also, make sure your team is aware. Deposits will be refunded for those who choose not to curl.

    We look forward to an exciting, albeit unique, 18th Rainbow Rockers curling season !!
    See you on the ice after Thanksgiving weekend ! Stay tuned to the website for more details.

    Steve Horwood.
    President, Rainbow Rockers Curling League

Rainbow Curling resumes Sunday October 18th !

The RRCL Executive has been hard at work trying to plan the new season.
Stay tuned for some important information about new COVID game changers and a potential meet and greet!
Games will start Sunday, October 18th.
We’re looking forward to seeing you all, while remaining healthy and safe!