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Follow us this weekend on Facebook

We have started a Facebook page where people can share their photos and comments and stay up to date regarding the weekend’s festivities during the CGCC & OTRB March 21-24. Please LIKE and SHARE the Facebook page with your curling friends and encourage them to LIKE & SHARE; we want to reach as many of the weekend’s participants as we can. You can find us by searching for @gaycurlingottawa on Facebook.

Also, remember you can keep up to date on scores, standings and brackets by visiting our WordPress site that can be located using the following link: https://cgccotr2019.home.blog/

Brooms for Nationals

Good Day All Curlers,

The National Committee had decided for the CGCC we would not be enforcing broom use, but encourage competition in the spirit of fair play.  Essentially, that brooms do not have to be regulation but that directional brushes should be discouraged. 

Thank you and we look forward to welcoming you all to Ottawa on Thursday March 21.

Natalie Lloyd

Stay up to date on all the Canadian Gay Curling Championship Results

Use this link to stay up to date on the CGCC.


Organizing Committee

CGCC & OTRB Draw Schedule

Round 3 Schedule Available

The Spring 2019 Draw Schedule for Round 3 is now available on-line or for download.

OCC Closed February 14-15

There has been a significant fire at the multi-unit residential building just west of the pay lot beside the club. Although the Ottawa Fire Service has contained the flames to the one building, significant smoke has entered our facility. To ensure the safety of our members, the club will be closed for ventilation Thursday, February 14th and Friday February 15th. 


OTRB & CGCC Spares Registration

We are looking for people who will be available to spare for the OTRB and CGCC during the March 21-24 Bonspiel. Please go to the attached form and register as a spare. As a spare you can accept or decline a request. Thank you for your support of our OTRB and CGCC.


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