Rules & Regulations for the Rainbow Rockers Curling League

The Rainbow Rockers Curling League follows Canadian Curling Association (CCA) rules.

  1. All disputes or concerns regarding curling rules will be settled by the Canadian Curling Association (CCA) rules and regulations.
  2. In addition to the CCA rules and regulations, the following specifications apply to the Rainbow Rockers Curling Club.
  3. All concerns about these rules should be addressed to the Drawmaster during the curling season.

Game Duration

Teams are reminded to play as quickly as possible so that all 8 ends can be played within the allocated two hour game period.

  • All efforts should be made to start the game on time. Teams should have the coin toss completed and be ready to curl for the scheduled start time.
  • At 30 minutes before the scheduled finish time, teams should finish the end they are playing and play one more. Skips should watch the clock and confirm with the other skip the intention to play the additional end.
  • Be considerate. There are four draws on Sunday and the ice must be maintained between each draw.
  • Avoid slow play. Players should be in the hack and ready to curl when it is their turn.
  • Incidents of intentional slow play should be brought to the attention of the league executive.

Number of Players

  1. Under no circumstances may a team play with fewer than three (3) players. If a team is unable to field three (3) players, then the team must either reschedule (when possible in advance) or forfeit the game.

Rescheduling of Games and Defaults

  1. Teams must make every attempt to reschedule games whenever possible.
  2. Should the rescheduling of a game prove to be impossible, the team that was unable to field a team, or the first team to communicate this inability, shall default the game.
  3. Any defaulted game will be counted in the standings as a win for the non-offending team with a +3 point spread, and a loss for the offending team with a -3 point spread.

Team Composition

  1. Every team must have a minimum of two (2) players from their original team roster (as posted on the website) in addition to any substitute player(s). In case of an injury during a game the game should continue subject to having 3 players remaining.


  1. All substitute players shall be a player from the League’s Official Spares List, posted on the website. If no player is available from that list, an eligible player from the League’s regular membership may act as a substitute, subject to rules 7 through 9.
  2. If a substitute player is selected from the Official Spares List, then the player can play at the position of the player being replaced or lower in the line-up.
  3. If a substitute player is chosen from the League’s regular membership, then that player must play at the lead position, with the remaining players moving up in the rotation accordingly.
  4. To avoid teams from bringing in outside players and adding them to the Official Spares List during regular season play, all additions to the list, once the season has started, must be approved by vote by the Executive of the League at their next scheduled meeting.

Injured Player

  1. During an end in play, if a player is unable to finish the game due to illness, injury or other circumstances, then a substitute player from the Official Spares List (if present) or a player from the regular membership may be activated subject to:
    1. A substitute player may only enter the game during an end if they are to deliver a stone within that end, otherwise the substitute player must begin at the beginning of the next end
    2. A substitute player shall replace the injured player’s delivery position if the replacement player is from the Official Spares List. If the substitute player is from the regular membership, then the substitute player will throw the injured player’s (any position) stone (if necessary) for that end, but return to the lead position at the beginning of the new end, with all other players moving up in the rotation accordingly.
    3. A substituted player shall not rejoin the team until the next game or unless the team loses another player, at which time the originally substituted player will be considered as a new substitute (from membership and follow membership rules for substitution. For example, they would play lead and everyone would move up in the rotation).

    Replacing players after the start of the season (In the event of people quitting or being injured for the remainder of the year)

  2. If a player chooses to leave a team on a permanent basis due to injury or otherwise, a full-time replacement must be selected from the Official Spares List.
  3. If a replacement from the Official Spares List becomes a full member of a team, then the cost to the replacement player will be pro-rated to the number of games remaining in the regular season.
  4. If no player from the Official Spares List wishes to become a permanent member of the team, then the team has two options:
    1. The team may choose to obtain spares from the Official Spares List for the remainder of the season.
    2. A player from outside the League may be selected, but only with the voted approval of the Executive, with the cost to the replacement player being pro-rated to the number of games remaining in the regular season.

    If a player from the Official Spares list or from outside the league becomes a member during the season, that member will be accorded the same rights and privileges as all other members, including the privilege of advanced registration for the next season.

Executive Veto Power

  • The Rainbow Rockers Executive has the power to veto or change any rules according to their interpretation. All decisions of the Executive are final.

Division Ranking Formula

If two or more teams are tied in points at the end of a draw, the following are applied to break the tie in the order below:

  • Most wins.
  • Head to head.
  • Plus/minus from the games between the tied teams.
  • Plus/minus of all the games in the division.
  • Coin toss.