Speed of Play

Many players are concerned about the slow play.  We should be playing 8 ends, but it is very often only 7, or even 6.  Here are some tips to help complete the most ends in a game. 
Leads should not necessarily clear the rocks out of the house at the end of each end. Rather, the lead who is first to throw in the next end, should quickly find their rock, clean it, and get ready in the hack for the start of the end.
As soon as an opposition rock is released, the next player to throw should get their rock, clean it, and get ready in the hack, and prepare to deliver their stone. Sweepers should also make an effort to locate and place the next stone in front of the hack for their teammates.
Skips should assume the opposition will make their shot perfectly as the rock is moving towards the house, and have a plan in mind for their next stone. If the shot is made perfectly, the skip will then know their next shot and be ready to call it. Of course, if the incoming stone is not delivered perfectly, the skip must then re-evaluate and determine their next shot.
Thirds: If you anticipate you will want to measure 2 stones, look around for the measuring tool before the end of the end….  Minutes can be wasted looking for the measuring stick, and going to get it.
 Slow play is frustrating but easily solvedWe can all do our part to speed up the game & get in more ends. Please click on the link below for more informtaion to help speed up our games.  http://www.curling.ca/blog/2011/02/17/house-call-stop-slow-play/

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