Trial Aggregate Scoring


For the 2023-2024 season, the league will continue to use the past approach to scoring games, ranking teams within divisions for each round, and basing final standings and recognition on the third rounds’ results.

The league will also trial an aggregate approach to rankings and standings for this season. Teams will be ranked at the end of each round and the aggregate of those three rankings will be used to determine the standings of teams within their final division. The aggregate approach will be a trial layered over top of the current approach.

Both the current approach and the aggregate approach are outlined below.


The Executive assigns teams to the divisions at the start of the year based on the previous years’ standings and on the Executive’s awareness of the team/players skill and ability level.

The season consists of three rounds, and each is based on round-robin play. The outcome of each round-robin game determines the points awarded – win = 2, tie = 1, loss = 0. All game points roll up into total points for the round. Teams are ordered from highest to lowest total points and ranked 1st to last in their division at the end of each round.

Ties in total points are settled in the following order: (1) most wins (2) head-to-head result (3) plus/minus from the games between the tied teams (4) plus/minus of all the games in the division (5) coin toss.

At the end of the first and second rounds, the teams ranked 1st and 2nd move up (except for A division – nowhere to go) and teams ranked second last and last move down (except in F division, nowhere to go) between divisions.

At the end of season, the third round’s standings are used to determine the Division Champions in each division. The overall League Champion is the 1st place team in A division and is recognized with awarding of the league trophy. Recognition in each division, in the form of prize money, is allocated based on the standings of the third round.


At the end of each round, teams across the league will be ordered from first to last (1st to 42nd) based on their in-division ranking as follows: (A) 1st to 7th (B) 8th to 14th (C) 15th to 21st (D) 22nd to 28th (E) 29th to 35th (F) 36th to 42nd.

At the end of three rounds, each team’s three ranking results will be averaged. For example, 1st + 1st + 3rd = 1.70 or 2nd + 5th + 8th = 5.00.

Ties in total average will be settled in the following order: (1) round robin total points (2) round robin +/- (3) round 3 head-to-head result (4) coin toss.

Teams in each division will be ordered from the lowest to highest average and ranked 1st to 7th accordingly for the final division ranking.

See the chart below that is based on data taken from previous years to form a sample of the aggregate approach.