Schedule Rules 2009-2010

The committee has assign the 24 teams in three divisions: A, B and C. The teams have been ranked randomly for the first round.
All divisions are made up of 8 teams each.
There will be 3 rounds in which teams will move up or down from their respective divisions based on the following:
After round 1 and 2, the top two teams from C division move up to B division with the two bottom teams in B division moving down to C division.
After round 1 and 2, the top two teams from B division move up to A division with the two bottom teams in A division moving down to B division.
This format will allow for all teams to have an equal chance to win the league. The league winner will be determined by the top A team based on points earned in the third round only. Points will only be used at the end of each round for promoting or demoting teams between divisions. There are no accumulated points from round to round.
The tie-breakers rules are based on:
Total points,
Head to head result,
Most wins,
Coin toss.

Each team will play 7 games per round. It will be a round robin against each of the teams in the division.
NOTE: We will be curling some Saturdays. Please check your schedule carefully not to miss any games.
If you have any questions regarding the schedule please speak with or email the Drawmaster.
Please refer to the league rules for re-scheduling games and substituting missing players.

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