Ranking after March 30 – Round 3

ARankPointsGPWLT+/-Tie BreakerMantha110651017 Douglas2964119 Guest38642017 Crance3864205 Gravel5763211 McEwen646240-8 Whitaker726150-14 Peloquin806060-27 BRankPointsGPWLT+/-Tie BreakerCoffey110651014 Cornelius29540114 Lynch-Nad38631212Lynch-Nad 7 vs Lynch-She 2Lynch-She4864206 Horwood546240-3 Nikita546240-9 Joyce736141-22 Vollrath805050-12  CRankPointsGPWLT+/-Tie BreakerMacDonald110651015 Fortier-Man28642017 Chow36633010 Rowat3663304 Johnson366330-1 Bouvier366330-8 Currie746240-18 Lloyd826150-19  DRankPointsGPWLT+/-Tie BreakerMcCambly110651031 Hamilton29540121 Forand38642016 Williams456231-13Williams 6 vs Connors 4Connors4552210 McGrath645230-14 Filson726150-20 Warren815041-21 Ranking based on: 1) Total points; 2) Most wins; 3) Head to head result; 4) Plus/minus from the games between the tied teams; 5) Plus/minus of all the games in the division; 6) Coin toss.   

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