Bocce Ball Night – June 25th

The Rainbow Rockers are arranging a game of Bocce in the park on June 25th, starting at 7:00 pm.
Everyone is invited, and the cost is free. Players should meet at the front of City Hall (facing Laurier Ave.)at 7:00 pm, and games will proceed from there. At 9:00 PM, all bocce players and Rainbow Rockers are invited to meet at the Buzz for Martini Night! In the event of rain, the bocce game will be postponed (but we can start on the martinis a little early)!!
If you have a bocce ball set, please bring it along and let Colin know by sending a message to the league president.
Bocce is like curling, but on grass (well not really, but it’s as close as we get to summer curling). Anyone can play, even if you’ve never played before. The following links provide some useful and simple instructions on how to play this game:

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