Registration for Montreal’s Bonspiel with Les Fous du Roi

Les Fous du Roi  are inviting our  Rainbow Rockers friends to our Bonspiel  that will be held  Feb. 8, 9 and 10 th 2013 at the Longue Pointe curling club, located on the military base of the same name in Montreal’s east end.
Registrations will be on line  December 8 th  on our website at  Curling les Fous du Roi   
We will accept a maximum of 24 teams , and the fee of $ 400.00 guarantees  4 games , as well as a complimentary breakfast  on saturday , as well as our banquet dinner at the club on saturday night, followed  by our night out at Stud Bar with all our participants. We ask teams to be available for an early draw on Friday. 
For more info ,you can reach us at [email protected]
Looking forward  to seeing you in Montreal in February!

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