Rainbow Rockers Curling & Banquets – details

At each of the 2 banquet seatings, dinner will be quarter chicken/wedge fries/coleslaw/rolls/dessert. Vegetarian option available upon request when signing up.

In addition we will have several extra 50/50 prizes … maple syrup, Stroked Ego, Shoppers Drug Mart and LCBO gifts.

We will announce division standings (everyone gets a CASH prize!), draw for the hog-pot, and you may give your $50 deposit for the 20th Rainbow Rockers Season to our treasurer.  Please fill out the on-line 2022-2023 registration form on the website prior to the
banquet.(Online Registration – Rainbow Rockers Curling League)

The 5:30pm banquet is fully subscribed but we still have room for curling (doubles curling!) at 5pm followed by the 7:30pm banquet. If you haven’t yet signed up, please email [email protected] by Monday to reserve your spot at the curling/banquet.