Season Opening Details

It’s just a few days until we are back on the ice! Please read these important details about our season opening:

BEGINNERS CLINIC  – Saturday October 1st – 1:30pm – 5:30pm
If you’ve never curled before or you are a beginner (1 year’s experience) and want a curling refresher you should attend this clinic.
Just email [email protected] to register (it’s only $10).
Please Note: If you have little or no curling experience and cannot attend this clinic, please email [email protected] to see what we can accommodate.  It is the league’s policy for safety that nobody should go on the ice for a first game with 0 experience such as attending a clinic or practice.

Are you looking for equipment or have used equipment you no longer use? There is a “BUY/SELL” list where you can put curling items up for sale and/or look for items to purchase. Check it out!

Skips and Spares MUST read the 2022 spares rules and adhere to all spares rules. We were aware of some violations in the past. It is the responsibility of the team SKIP to adhere to the spares rules as there will be zero tolerance this year.
For example, if a curler who is not on the spares list plays for a team, that team will be deemed to have lost that game by default unless the spare has been previously approved by the league executive.
The spares recording binder will be at the bar this season. Spares must deposit $5 into the binder and record the spare ON THE GAME DAY, otherwise a default can be declared.

We have many new players this season so we will once again be making name tags for new curlers. If you have lost your name tag, you can request a new one (approx. $10) in the spares binder at the bar.

Many cities are hosting bonspiels this fall. Winnipeg has a bonspiel on our opening weekend Oct 1/2. Edmonton has theirs on Nov 12/13. Edmonton is offering 1 FREE entry per city – let us know if you want to take this free spot! Toronto has opened registration for their Nov 26/27 event. See details at

Sunday October 2nd will be the first league games of our 20th season. Pizza will be served after each draw (If you have a bye, stop by the club for free pizza!). The schedule for October 2nd games is posted here.
2022 Spares are posted here if teams need a spare on the first day.