April 15 Year End Banquet!

It is that time of year again where curling is coming to a close 🙁 Before we put away our shoes and brooms on April 15 we will have one last go at curling but a little different for those looking to try something new. We will be holding two QUEER DOUBLES draws and one regular draw.

If you were inspired by the Olympic Curling and would like to try your hand at our version of mixed doubles we invite you to come and give it a try. We have enough room for 20 teams of two so don’t delay in signing up. Games will be an hour and a half the faster the play the more ends you play!

Banquet will be a bit earlier we are aiming for 6:30 (give time to the last draw to get off the ice). There will be great food, prizes and merriment. Really we will have a Gay Ole time (insert giggle or groan).

Registration for Banquet and the Curling will be electronic. You can pay directly to Colin during the specify draws in the form. Please click the “Fill out my form” below and sign up. Thank you

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