2013-2014 Executive Committee Election Ballot

The members of the executive committee for the Rainbow Rockers Curling League are selected each year from the full time membership. When more than two members are nominated for the same position on the committee an on-line election is held (please note this year some potential candidates only received one nomination and were therefore not eligible).
This year an election is being held for the position of Bonspiel Chair.
Full time members may cast one vote. The on-line election will be open from April 7th to 9:00 p.m. on April 13th 2013, with results to be announced the next day at the closing banquet on April 14th.
In order to vote, members must log onto the site. Every full time member of the league has an account on the website that is registered with the e-mail address that was provided at the time the member registered this season. If you have forgotten your password, you my reset it by visiting http://www.rainbowrockers.com/user/password. If your e-mail address has changed since you registered, please contact the webmaster at http://www.rainbowrockers.com/contact.
The league is run by dedicated volunteers on behalf of all members of the league. Please help support your league by voting today. To vote, visit http://www.rainbowrockers.com/executive/election.