Over The Rainbow Organizing Committee 2009

This year the Rainbow Rockers Curling League (RRCL) will be hosting it’s annual Over The Rainbow Bonspiel (OTRB), March 27-29, 2009.
We are looking for committee members to help organize this year’s event. We are looking for 10-15 people to help. Current members and vacancies are listed below:
Filled Positions:
Co-Chairs of the Committee: Lee M., RRCL Bonspiel Chairperson, & Kevin F.
Club Liaison: Colin C., RRCL President
Treasurer: Steve H., RRCL Treasurer
Drawmaster & Ice Conditions: Geoff S.
Sponsorships: Lee M.
Program: Kevin F.
Secretary: Rory M., RRCL Secretary
Host : Rory M.
Webmaster: Ross T., RRCL Webmaster
Vacant Positions:
Translation: responsible for translation of all posters, program content
Printing: responsible for organizing printing of posters, programs and other materials
Theme & Decorations: responsible for recommending a theme to the committee and decorating
Ceremonies & Presentations: responsible for organizing opening and closing ceremonies and prize presentations
Draws & Raffles: responsible for organizing the 50/50 draws and any door prize raffles during the entire event
Hospitality & Entertainment: responsible for organizing entertainment, (i.e.) music and such, for Friday and Saturday nights
Members-at-large: Anyone interested in helping out but not linked to a specific area identified above
Meetings will take place approximately once a month, with regular updates requested by the Committee Co-Chairs via email. The first meeting will take place at noon, Saturday, January 3rd, 2009 at the Ottawa Curling Club.
If you are interested in volunteering, please advise Lee Mantha at bonspiel@rainbowrockers.com.
Thank you.
Lee Mantha and Kevin Falkingham
Co-Chairs of the Organizing Committee for the OTRB 2009

Curling At 2009 World Out Games

The World Out Games will be holding a competitive curling tournament next year in Copenhagen.
For more information, please see their website at http://www.copenhagen2009.org/Sport/Disciplines/Curling.aspx

Ottawa LGX

May 3, 2008: Rainbow Rockers at the Ottawa LGX
The 2008 Lesbian and Gay Expo will take place Saturday, May 3 from 10am-4pm at the Jack Purcell Community Centre. The Rainbow Rockers will be there to spread the word about the great sport of curling. Drop by and say hello and be sure to visit the many community groups, gay positive businesses and advocacy organizations.
Registration will be open to new curlers at the Expo, so if you haven’t signed up and want to secure your place, e-mail Kevin Wilson at membership@rainbowrockers.com ASAP!

Advance Registration For The 2008-2009 Season Is Now Open

As the league continues to grow in popularity, it is important for us to determine as early as possible how many of you will be returning to the Rainbow Rockers for the 2008-2009 season. As a result, we are instituting an advance registration requirement for all returning members. To secure your place for 2008-2009, a $50 deposit will be required for each curler ($200 per team) by April 13, 2008.
You may register as teams or as individuals. Teams will not be formed until later in the summer, so if you are not sure of your team or would like to be placed on a team, you must still register in advance to hold your spot. The remaining balance will be due in September.
Membership registration forms for next the next curling season (2008/2009) for the Rainbow Rockers Curling League are now available online, in both Microsoft Word ® and Adobe Acrobat ® format. You can download the forms and fill them in now. Copies will also be available at the club at next curling game on April 6th or at the closing banquet on April 13th.
Please return your signed forms and a $50 deposit to either the club president (Colin) or the membership coordinator (Kevin). You may e-mail an electronic copy of the completed form to the webmaster, but your registration is not considered complete until the form is signed and the $50 deposit has been paid.
Forms for spares area also available for download in both Microsoft Word ® and Adobe Acrobat ® format.
If you have any questions about registration, please get in touch with either Colin or Kevin.